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I am a volunteer for a little blue penguin nest box monitoring programme.  I was impressed by the efforts made by the organisers.  They have made 250+ nestboxes and installed them all round the Wellington New Zealand coastline.  This year they upgraded the nestboxes, adding ventilation and a hole in the lid for a specific purpose.  Volunteers all had to undertake a training session which covered procedures, health and safety and good practice.  Part of the task is monitoring the temperature in the nestboxes.  The programme started in June, which in New Zealand is mid winter.  I suspect that the aim of measuring temperature is to see whether warm or cool sites are favoured for nesting and to check is any locations become too hot as the season progresses.

Anyway, here’s an article I wrote that I will try and get published in some local magazines.

DSC05494x1 Little blue penguin

Draft magazine article on LBPs