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  1. Leon Senf

    Hey there.

    First of all great blog!!! I found it while searching for some info on the QK Maximus. I have just purchased a maximus and will be having it sent from New Plymouth to Auckland in the next couple of weeks.

    I have been tossing up whether to go for a maximus or a surfski for many months now.

    I have decided to go for the Maximus because it opens up many more paddling options with the option of storage ect. So I see you have the Maximus and have done some Modifications. I’m especially interested in the new rudder system which replicates a surfski. I’m interested to know how much would it cost me to get something like that fitted in the future?

    I was blown away when I was reading about this modification. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!


    1. sandy.wint@clear.net.nz Post author

      Hello and thanks for the comment. The rudder I used was a Fenn 7 inch, but the NZ agent afterwards refused to sell for use by other brands of boat. I subsequently did the same modification to a Sharp 6.5 multisport boat. The manufacturer of Sharp boats sells a kit – I think I paid about $220 or so for the kit, another $20 or so for a small yacht hatch and stainless fastenings and I did the work myself. The Sharp kit was actually better as it used a carbon fibre tube instead is stainless steel, so it was easier to fix. It took an afternoon to do, and needed accurate work. It came out really well. Flow Kayaks evolved from the manufacturer of Sharp boats and have what is probably the same rudder on their website. It gives a price of $160 for the rudder but you’d need the tube and tiller bar as well. They would give you a price I am sure either to sell the parts or to do the modification. Alternatively if buying a new Maximus you could ask if Q-kayaks would price installation of the Flow Kayaks rudder kit. Warning: the Fenn rudder is easy to attach inside the boat and is not visible from outside. the Sharp one protrudes up through the hatch (you cut a hole in it) and the tiller bar is external. It may be difficult to fix this inside to be hidden.In this case you need to measure from hull to deck and order a tube long enough.


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